About Us

Film in Language Teaching Association (FILTA) was founded in 2009 by Dr Carmen Herrero (Manchester Metropolitan University), Dr Isabelle Vanderschelden (Manchester Metropolitan University), Ana Valbuena (Instituto Cervantes, Manchester) and Jessica Frye (Manchester Metropolitan University).

Carmen Herrero

Headshot of Carmen

Carmen coordinates the research and professional development programme of FILTA. She is a Principal Lecturer in Hispanic Studies and Head of Spanish at MMU. She runs teaching training events and workshop for students. She is author of materials for Spanish and EFL language learners and teachers. Her main area of interest lies in the intersection of film pedagogy and language learning: multimodality and new literacies; the integration of media literacy in language learning; and the role of cultural and intercultural competences through film in teaching training. To find out more about her work, view her Academic Profile.

Isabelle Vanderschelden

Headshot of Isabelle

Isabelle is a Senior Lecturer in French Studies and contributes to the French part of the association and website. She also co-runs the teacher training events and liaises with schools and language teachers. Her specific interest lies in the promotion of Francophone films and cultures, and the creation of adapted materials for use in language classes at all levels, thus enhancing the learner's intercultural awareness and competence. To find out more about her work, view her Academic Profile.

Ana Valbuena

Headshot of Ana

Ana contributes to the Spanish part of the association and website. She is a language teacher and also a teacher trainer and mentor of MFL teachers in various academic institutions. Her specific interest in FILTA lies in the development of language teaching materials with the use of Spanish and Latin-American films from a linguistic, intercultural and cross-curricular multi-focal point of view.

Jessica Frye

Headshot of Jessica

Jessica Frye is representing EFL/ESL and German within FILTA. She is a qualified print media designer, DELTA qualified ESL teacher, teacher trainer and lecturer, and currently working towards her PhD in Applied Linguistics. Her specific interest within FILTA lies in the development of flexible materials for use in any language exploiting silent/dialogue-free short films. To find out more about her work, view her Academic Profile.

This project was originally supported by Routes into Languages Northwest (COLT Project).